Re:imagine the Gold Creek Country Club, one conversation at a time

After more than 20 years as a part of the local community, the Gold Creek Country Club is seeking to change and we want to work with our neighbours and the community of Gungahlin to help define a new vision.  As part of transforming the Country Club into a compact golf course we have an opportunity to reimagine the spaces that will no longer be needed as a golf course.

Create a shared vision

We are inviting the community to help us shape this new future Gold Creek community; what should it look like, what is our collective vision and how do we develop new spaces that will help achieve this vision?

Join the conversation

re:imagine is a community conversation to help us understand our local  values, what is important to our  community and what we want to strengthen as we plan future developments over the next decade.

We’re here to listen

Over the next six months, we will be hosting events, listening to our neighbours, having conversations with local businesses, conducting surveys and generally inviting everyone to join the conversation to help us make sure that we get it right.